Uncle Wook got little too spun and missed his ride home from the festival. Gather a search party to explore the grounds and help Uncle Wook collect Wonky Cards to send him back to the land of Wonkytown.



Objective: Collect as many Wonky Cards as you can while you work your way around the festival grounds. Each Wonky Card is a tongue twister. If you say it correctly you keep it (Don't worry, you get 3 tries to complete the Wonky Card without a slip up). If you can't complete the tongue twister, you take a drink.


While you pass through the festival grounds you will also grab Heady Cards that advance you forwards or backwards on the board, but watch out for the K-Hole...its a doozy.


Land on the WOKE Space to steal a Wonky Card from another player.  


Don't be surprised if you find you and your friends sharing relatable stories from past festival experiences.


Game Specs : Game Box 10" x 10"

Game Board 20" x 20"

Heady Cards : 75

Wonky Cards : 35

Dice : 2




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Wookery Board Game