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Objective of the game: Collect as many Wonky Cards as you can while you work your way around the festival grounds. Each Wonky Card is a tongue twister. If you say it correctly you keep it (Don't worry, you get 3 tries to complete the Wonky Card without a slip up). If you can't complete the tongue twister, you take a drink. While you pass through the festival grounds you will also pick up Heady Cards that advance you forwards or backwards on the board, but watch out for the K-Hole...its a doozy.


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-------------------------------------------COVID-19 UPDATE ---------------------------------------------

Games are shipping out daily. As long as the post office is open we will continue making sure your game arrives quickly and safely. Snag the ground score... go ahead and toss a game in your cart.


Trust us when we say, "you are going to laugh your ass off every time you play."


If you are here looking for our OG Monopoly style board design...we stopped making it last year.


THE GOOD NEWS : Wookery V2 is the exact same gameplay as our OG Monopoly board, but we've added 110 new cards and it comes in a professionally manufactured box. We spent a year creating the original design that you see here on this page and its chocked full of easter eggs for you to find. Check our reviews and comments on our facebook page.


Thanks for your support on this journey. We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for our fans around the world. <3 Wookery


Proudly boasting customers spanning 6 Countries including, USA, Canada, Isreal, Austria, Australia, UK  


Will you be the first to own one in your Country? Grab a game and let's boof these quarantine vibes, together.

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