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(Mark Zuckerberg and his utterly cliche "Coachella Flower Crown." Oh, THE HORROR)

Facing heavy scrutiny, Mark Zuckerberg was in court earlier this week in front of The United States Senate. The CEO of Facebook knew what he was doing when he gave vague responses to questions he faced in the courtroom.

Each Senator had a time limit for their questioning and Zuckerberg used the clock to his advantage. The video below shows Zuckerberg plotting in the courtroom while he figures out how to drink a glass of water.

It appears that Zuck didn't care about this hearing at all. He knew that he could be a slithery little snake, slip out that court room door and run off to Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival.

(Zuckerberg slides through the VIP gates of Coachella while wearing a General Admission wristband.)

Anything is possible when you go to a concert/festival. It appears Zuck enjoyed some Spicy Pie in the VIP section while baring a GA wristband. Although his approval rating may be at an all time low he has good taste in pie.

Aside from Zuckerberg and his Facebook being a total bully in every sense of the term it's clear he doesn't give a damn.

If only we could convince our friend MySpace Tom to save us.

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