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Aoki Brings His Love For Cake To Life With New Stage Set Concept

American electro house musician, producer and founder of Dim Mak Records, Steve Aoki has decided to invest in a multi-million dollar Cake Stage Contraption.

It is common knowledge to those familiar with the EDM scene that this selector enjoys hitting his fans with beats and treats.

“Let’s face it,” says Aoki, “I really enjoy hitting my fans in the face with cake.”

The deluxe buttercream cake will stand 75 feet wide and 7 feet high and feature a built in shelf to accommodate the CDJs and mixer. It will be outfitted with extra-bright laser candles, frosted with eye-popping LED technology, and equipped with dual 30 foot confetti canons that double as cake blasters.

With all the supplies, It will cost about $20,000 a performance to execute, but Aoki said he will do anything to satisfy his fans.

“Get Ready because if you are within 400 ft of my stage you are going to be getting dessert, that’s for sure,” said Aoki.

It was revealed that Aoki’s fascniation with throwing cakes at the crowd has always had an underlying meaning to him.

“As an artist I look to find new ways to reach all 5 senses of my audience. The sense of taste has been kind of a VIP experience for a select few fans at each show, but with my new stage set-up everyone will get a taste.”

The new stage is set to be revealed on December 29th in San Francisco, Ca at Warfield Theatre. So get your sweet tooth ready folks. The baker is definitely in the house.

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