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By now, we all know the Moombahton all-star that is Dillon Francis, and most of us are aware of his soft spot for the felines. We also are aware of his bold motto “IDGAFOS” that he lives by, but that was all taken to a new extreme in his recent bold move in which he made a tremendous donation in the amount of 4.5 million dollars to the ASPCA in an effort to save at least 4000 feline friends.

The large donation is set to aid in constructing a elaborate complex for the cats to reside in that will compare to the likes of the factory owned by the great Willy Wonka. Dillon has chosen to name the new structure Dillon Francis’s Feline Fantasy Factory or DF4 for short.

When asked for more details as to why he is making such a generous donation, Dillon said, “I don’t care man, i feel like i’m one of them. Cat’s have feelings too and i feel like i was put on this earth to make music and to help them live a better life. I feel like i was a cat in my past life, and i can’t bare to see these cats’ lives in constant jeopardy. I would gladly adopt all of them if i could, but i’m on the road all the time and it’s just not possible.”

This new facility will not only be home to these kind creatures, but will also create a plethora of new jobs. However, Dillon does not plan to give these jobs to just anyone. Keeping consistent with the Wonka theme, the world renowned producer will be hiring 200 small people and outfitting them in exact replica uniforms like that of the Oompa Loompas from the wonderful world of Wonka. He plans to appoint these miniature helpers with the title of “Whisker Kissers.”

Whisker Kissers will tend to the cats’ every need and be sure that their quality of life within DF4 is top notch. Their duties will range from mowing the delicious cat nip lawn and pasteurizing the Camobodian breast milk river to giving the cats proper grooming and personal affection.

This premier feline facility is set for construction in the summer of 2013 on a plot of land in the hills of Los Angeles, California. Dillon warned that Los Angeles is a scary place, therefore he will be outfitting his kitten wonderland with a fully functional Jurassic Park style electric fence to keep the inhabitants safe.

“DF4 has been my life long dream and this is just the beginning,” said Dillon as he left the interview.

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